Why You Need Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Besides the fact that you need to look like a golfer to be a golfer, golf shoes provide numerous other benefits. Unless your name is Happy Gilmore, you’re not likely going to be running up to hit a golf ball. Golf shoes would hamper this great driver of the golf ball, but shoes could definitely help you to play your best golf.

The spikes on golf shoes act similarly to the tires on your vehicle. If you’ve ever had worn out tires, you know how difficult it can be to turn or get traction in snow, ice, or water. Simply wearing sneakers on the course won’t give you the ability you need to stay grounded in your swing. The spikes on golf shoes give you the ability to turn with little movement thus providing you with a solid golf swing.

The spike pattern is also important based upon your weight and how you walk. You need to find shoes that provide the ultimate sticking power to the dirt. A great way to find the right spikes for you is by purchasing your shoes at a professional golf shop. The specialists will be able to diagnose your weight distribution to find you the proper shoes.

Another important reason for golf shoes is the fact that the golf swing puts tremendous stress on your knees and ankles. Especially if you like to tear into the ball, you need to have these important joints protected as much as possible in order to prevent common golf injuries. Without proper grip into the dirt, you could truly swing right out of your shoes. The stress that’s involved with the swing is even more detrimental in regular shoes because your joints will be more prone to slide back and forth. This deteriorates cartilage and could lay you up for a while if you need surgery.

Golf shoes have really come a long way in their short history. The former metal cleats really worked well, but they ripped up golf courses and were truly dangerous during lightning storms. The modern golf shoe comes in many varieties. You can find shoes with permanent spikes, or you can choose a pair that has removable and replaceable spikes.

As mentioned before, you may be able to get customized shoes that give you the opportunity to change spike locations when needed. In addition, golf shoes almost always come with waterproof or water resistant materials that regular shoes cannot provide.

All of the top golf shoe companies have years of experience in the industry. These designers have found many ways to provide comfort, style, and stability. It is important to be comfortable during your round. You’ll be on your feet for many hours even when playing from a cart. Comfortable shoes help to keep your joints protected from unnecessary pain and stress.

It goes without saying that the golf course is one of the best places to see unique style. The traditional saddlebacks are still available, but shoe designers are leaning toward more colors and patterns to match each individual’s wardrobe.

The stability that the shoes provide is by far the most important aspect of having proper footwear on the course. Great golfers survive around the greens and can get up and down from just about any type of sand bunker.

Especially from the sand, it’s important to have a firm stance, and it just isn’t possible with regular shoes. The spikes allow you the opportunity to get grounded to make any short or long bunker shot more successful.

Golf shoes are a necessity for anyone who really wants to play the best possible golf. Without spikes, you simply cannot hit shots squarely with any consistency. During morning and evening rounds as the dew begins to form, you’ll need those spikes to keep you grounded.

There are so many options available, so consider getting the right pair of shoes now before you injure yourself or fall flat on your bum. Head to your local pro shop or golf store and get customized options. Comfortable, good looking golf shoes are a necessity to playing your best.

Having the right golf attire is one way to improve your game. The other is attending a golf college such as Keiser University’s College of Golf and get instructor from our PGA Master Professionals. Contact us today to take the next steps.