How to Aim Small to Miss Small: The Four Target System by Dr. TJ Tomasi

To help you pinpoint your target, use a four-point reference system that takes advantage of the way your eyes naturally gauge distance and direction.

Once you have a clear image of your shot, pick a specific target where you want the ball to land (Target 1).

Then pick a marker – a tree, fence post, bunker or something behind the flag (if you’re shooting at a green) that’s in line with your landing area (Target 2).

Draw an imaginary line back from your two targets to the front of the ball.

Now pick out a close intermediate target on that line – a divot, old tee or some other mark (Target 3) and aim your clubface at it. The fourth target is the ball.

TJ Tomasi Article #11 Photo 1TJ Tomasi Article #11 Photo 2

For every shot pick your line-up of targets. At first you’ll have to consciously work this into your routine, but after a short time, picking your target line-ups will be automatic.

As an example, Ben Hogan was playing a semi-blind shot off the tee and asked his caddy where he should aim his driver.

The caddy advised him to aim at “that group of trees.” Hogan’s next question was “which limb?” That’s my Hogan limb behind the flag – aim small, miss small.

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